Saturday, March 3, 2012

Garden - 2012 Planting Schedule and VISIO Garden Diagram

I thought it might be fun to share just how anal I am with planning my garden. To do so, I just need to post my Planting Schedule Spreadsheet, which is much more than a simple planting schedule. I've also included a .PDF of my MS VISIO Garden Diagram.

When I started my garden originally last year, I proactively spent months educating myself on how to grow vegetables, both from starting seed indoors and from direct sow methods. I researched the whole gamut of the garden process, from seed choice, seeding methods, fertilization, cultivation, soil development and on and on. I chose the Excel spreadsheet as the repository mechanism for my research, and I compiled a huge amount of information which I want to share with those interested. I also created a tab on the spreadsheet for my planting schedule which although you don't have to go as in depth as I did, any serious gardener will need to develop. I believe it's pretty impressive if I do say so my self.

I also thought it would be fun to show a  picture of just how big my planting schedule is when I print it out and tape it to my grow room wall. The picture is nowhere near good enough to read anything in the spreadsheet, that is why I have attached the actual file below, I just wanted to show how big it got. Here is the picture:

2012 Planting Schedule

The link to my garden spreadsheet:

The link to my 2012 MS Garden VISIO:

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