Tuesday, December 24, 2013

White Yeast Bread Modified

TWF - 652g
Hydration - 78%

King Arthur Unbleached All Purpose Flour - 170.5g - 26%
King Arthur Whole Wheat Flout - 170.5g - 26% - (progressing towards a 100% whole wheat recipe)
Water - 90° - 508g - 78%
Honey - 45g
Instant Yeast - 4g - .6%

  • Combine - Mix a full 2 minutes with a whip to incorporate air into the mixture. It will be like pancake batter.
  • Ferment at 40° 8-24 hours - Sponge will more than double

At 12 hours of fermentation

Close up

King Arthur Unbleached All Purpose Flour - 155.5g - 24%
King Arthur Whole Wheat Flout - 155.5g - 24% - (progressing towards a 100% whole wheat recipe)
Instant Yeast - 4g - .6%
Vital Wheat Gluten - 2.8g - 4% - (because of the whole wheat flour and the large amount of butter, will help with the rise)
Lecithin Powder - 2g - .3%  - (for texture, shelf life)
Ascorbic Acid - .8g - .1% - (promotes acidic environment for yeast)
Butter - Unsalted - Softened - 128g - 20%
Salt - 15g - 2.3%

  • Combine: Flour, Yeast, Gluten and Lecithin
  • Add to mixer:
    • Sponge 
    • Flour mixture
    • Mix on low until just combined
    • Autolyse 30 minutes
    • Add butter, Ascorbic Acid and Salt
Sponge just added to mixer

Finished dough
  • Knead on medium 7-10 minutes (#4 on my KitchenAid) It will not come away from bowl until last minute. When finished dough should be smooth, shiny and stick to your fingers.
  • With oiled spatula, scrape down sides of bowl. If not stiff, add flour. If not sticky add water.
  • Rise to double at 75° - 80°.
  •  Punch down very gently, don't push out all the air. 
  • Two envelope fold.

  • Rise to double

  • Turn out onto lightly floured bench

  • Divide in half for two loaves. I made two boule 

  • Place into lightly greased loaf pans. I used a cloth lined Banneton to proof my boule

  • Cover lightly with plastic wrap. I use a cotton towel
  • Rise in 80° temperature and 80% humidity proofing environment until loaf is 1" above top of loaf pan, test with finger press that will very slowly fill in. I use a Banneton to form the loaf. Then I bake it "free form"

  • Preheat oven for 15 minutes to 450°. Rack in middle of oven, use pizza stone and place a steam pan to heat on bottom of oven. I also use the "Roasting Pan Lid" method* of steaming my bread. 
Spray boule with water prior to baking, score with lame, 15 minutes under the lid, then the rest of the time no lid. Reduce oven temperature to 400° after removing steaming lid.

*See the following:

This just came out of the oven, you can still see the steam coming off of it

Ready to place the boule onto the peel and spay with water 

    • Bake until golden brown, a skewer comes out clean and internal temperature is 210°

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