Monday, December 23, 2013

Basic White Yeast Bread

TWF - 652g
Hydration - 62%

King Arthur Unbleached All Purpose Flour - 341g - 52%
Water - 90° - 405g - 62%
Honey - 45g - 7%
Instant Yeast - 2.4g - .4%

  • Combine - Mix a full 2 minutes with a whip to incorporate air into the mixture. It will be like pancake batter.
  • Ferment at 40° 8-24 hours - Sponge will more than double

King Arthur Unbleached All Purpose Flour - 311g - 48%
Dry Milk - 40g - 6%
Instant Yeast - 2.4g - .4%
Lecithin Powder - 2g - .3%
Butter - Unsalted - Softened - 128g - 20%
Salt - 15g - 2.3%
  • Combine: Flour, Dry Milk, Yeast and Lecithin
  • Add to mixer:
    • Sponge 
    • Flour mixture
    • Mix on low until just combined
    • Autolyse 30 minutes
    • Add butter and Salt
  • Knead on medium 7-10 minutes (#4 on my KitchenAid) It will not come away from bowl until last minute. When finished dough should be smooth, shiny and stick to your fingers.
  • With oiled spatula, scrape down sides of bowl. If not stiff, add flour. If not sticky add water.
  • Rise to double at 75° - 80°.

  • Punch down very gently, don't push out all the air. 
  • Two envelope fold.
  • Rise to double.

  • Turn out onto lightly floured bench
  • Divide in half for two loaves. I made two boule 

  • Place into lightly greased loaf pans. I used a cloth lined Banneton to proof my boule

  • Cover lightly with plastic wrap.  I use a cotton towel
  • Rise in 80° temperature and 80% humidity proofing environment until loaf is 1" above top of loaf pan, test with finger press that will very slowly fill in
  • Preheat oven for 45 minutes to 350°. Rack in middle of oven, use pizza stone and place a steam pan to heat on bottom of oven. I also use the "Roasting Pan Lid" method* of steaming my bread. Spray boule with water prior to baking, score with lame, 20 minutes under the lid, then the rest of the time no lid.
*See the following: 

This just came out of the oven, you can still see the steam coming off of it

Ready to place the boule onto the peel and spay with water 
  • Bake until golden brown, a skewer comes out clean and internal temperature is 210°

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