Sunday, April 8, 2012

First Seedlings Ready for Garden

Its only April 7th and my Tomato Seedlings won't fit under the lights anymore.

I need my garden to be ready soon, or I need these tomato seedlings to stop getting bigger!
Tomato seedlings are only three weeks old

Watermelon seeds started to germinate in only 3 days again this year. There is no seed I know of that germinates that quick

One week old watermelon

Watermelons grow so well indoors. I wish you could have your whole garden indoors, no bugs to wage war against, no wind damage; I need to build a Bio-dome.

Peppers still showing no signs of TMV. The result of following my rules without exception.

Leeks need a haircut again

Celery outgrowing Grow Station
Celery and Tomatores

Celery, Tomatoes and Cabbage

Grow Station Heating Mat Timers

Grow Station Power setup

We had Frost and Freeze this week. The strawberries are already producing flowers. And the flowers are tender, they will not tolerate any frost or freeze. Here my whole strawberry patch is covered with a frost blanket

Let it freeze, I'm ready.

Garlic and Shallots covered just to be safe

This weekend, its time to plant Cuccumbers

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  1. In my opinion after looking at your setup, you definately are a master gardner !