Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top Ten must have garden equipment

I get  frustrated when looking for a garden tools. Typically when I want a particular tool. I search for reviews on that type of product.  What I  find are reviews that are obviously nothing more than marketing ploys. They always want to steer you towards a purchase of the product of their choice, instead of actually an unbiased review of all the choices the consumer has for that type of product. So below I list products that I not only recommend as necessary for the serious gardener, but have also actually purchased and tested myself. I have no relationship with the manufacturers of these products and receive no compensation for their endorsement.

The best Tomato Cages on the Market. "Texas Tomato Cage"

The absolute, with out question, undeniably best tomato cage is the one pictured above. It is solid, collapsible, and simply the only tomato cage that is worth purchasing. They are made by a family run business in Texas, only available over the internet and worth every penny they cost.They are not cheap.

Another must have product I just found is this tripod sprinkler;

I have gone through numerous sprinklers. They all suck. I need the tripod type to get up above my plants, and have spent a tremendous amount of time searching for a simple, reliable and most of all solid tripod sprinkler, and I can tell you they ALL SUCK, except this one. It is industrial, reliable and yes pricey.

And still another must have, this one is my baby, I purchased it last spring and I can't imagine not having it;

Davis Instruments Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station

The Receiver

The transmitter weather station

Tiller, must have for a real garden

Reverse rotation, 60"

John Deere 2320 with 60 gal. sprayer


Hustler SuperZ with garden Cart

This is actually my work horse. Hustler SuperZ with cart. Use it every time I am in the Garden

Hand tools, Shovel, Garden Weasel, Yard Rack, and Duel Bladed Garden Hoes

This is what I use mostly, the only thing missing is my garden fork.  

99% of all my weeding is done with these three hoes.

For the remaining weeds I use this - Hand cultivator

Insect covers over watermelon seedlings just planted. 

This will stay on until the transplants get old enough to withstand cucumber beetles

Here is a good picture, in this picture we have Bamboo Jute Tepees, my wonderful Tripod Sprinkler, Agribon Insect protection, Plastic sheeting and Wood all being used as tools in the garden

Bamboo with garden Jute netting made by hand make good Tepees for climbing veggies

Ready for Cucumbers, String Beans and Lima Bean transplants

They work well

Light gage fencing as rabbit protection for my cabbage transplants

These actually worked really well

Cardboard Celery Sleeves

And finally, let us not forget straw as mulch

OK, yes there are more than 10 on my list. These are just a few of the many things I use and can't do without. There are also hand sprayers, chemicals, chicken wire, stakes, measuring tools, and my laptop to name a few more.

It's a  very expensive passion to be's never ending, and you need to keep a reign on your expenditures. Remember, our ancestors did it with far less, with there bare hands....Only spend what you can afford, you will find a way to do the rest, that is most of the fun.

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